Evidence of Dinosaurs with Men

The key message of Genesis Park is the fact that dinosaurs and men were created together and have coexisted throughout history. The solid evidence of this fact falls cleanly into four general categories:

Biblical Evidence
The plain teaching of the Bible leads one to believe that men and dinosaurs coexisted. Moreover, there are a number of fascinating creatures described in scripture that seem to match one of the great reptiles still alive at the time that the Bible was written.


Historical Evidence 
The stories of dragons from disparate cultures and the dinosaurian iconography that has been discovered from all over the world provide compelling evidence that men in the past interacted with the great reptiles and left behind a clear record of their encounters.


Paleontological Evidence
Some clues that dinosaurs lived in the recent past, rather than millions of years ago, come from the fossils themselves. In addition, human artifacts buried in very ancient sediments further confirm the coexistence of men and dinosaurs.


Cryptozoological Evidence
A virtual zoo of potential living dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and swimming monsters lends credence to the theory that some of these great reptiles survive still today in remote regions.