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Chronicles of Dinosauria Front Cover Hi-Res Chronicles of Dinosauria: Dinosaurs & Man from Creation to Cryptozoology is our featured book, presenting the key evidence that men and dinosaurs coexisted. Biblical, historical, artistic, fossil, and cryptozoological evidence are all explored. This beautiful hardback assembles in one place the work of Genesis Park staff, from years of researching dinosaurian cryptids and accumulating dragon accounts and ancient dinosaurian depictions from various cultures around the world.

Presented in a scrapbook style, Chronicles of Dinosauria tells the story of the dinosaurs from a biblical perspective, starting with the plain facts of Genesis. God’s purpose in creating the great reptiles is explored. Photos from expeditions hunting for living dinosaurs are presented alongside insightful graphics by Richard Dobbs, combining to present the dinosaurs as never before. The beautiful original artwork will delight old and young alike!

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Dire Dragons Dire Dragons by Vance Nelson is an attractive book that gives clear historical evidence, from ancient iconography, that humans and dinosaurs coexisted. Combining hundreds of incredible photographs from around the world with modern artistic dinosaur renditions, Dire Dragons provides visual evidence that the ancients saw dinosaurs and depicted them, calling them “dragons.”
Monumental Monsters by Vance Nelson is a delightful compilation of the various giant organisms. Delve into the mystery surrounding fossils of gigantic creatures that have been unearthed all over this planet. Thumb through historical records from numerous countries of monstrous sharks, penguins, lizards, kangaroos, rats, bears, sea cows, beavers, dragonflies, and much more. Though these creatures looked like their living counterparts, their monstrous size tells that the true history of Earth has been one of degeneration, not evolution.

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Claws Jaws & Dinosaurs Claws, Jaws & Dinosaurs by Hovind & Gibbons
A small, introductory-level cryptozoology book written for young adults from a creationist perspective. Gibbons went to the Congo multiple times as well as on many other expeditions gathering evidence of the few small dinosaurians that are still alive today. Various non-dinosaurian cryptids are briefly described, from massive snakes to the miscellaneous Bigfoot reports. The 72 pages includes multiple black & white illustrations by creation artist Bill Rebsamen.
Shipwrecks and Sea Monsters Shipwrecks & Sea Monsters of California’s Central Coast by Randall A. Reinstedt
Documenting stories of over 40 shipwrecks, this book tells the remarkable tales of the strange beasts that inhabit the submarine canyon just outside Monterrey Bay. It also contains the best known photographs of the apparent 40-foot sea serpent that washed up on a California beach in 1925. The author, Randall Reinstedt, spent countless hours in researching old records, giving evidence that the California coast was once a hotspot for monster sightings. Though most of the book is about shipwrecks, the chapter on sea monsters is gripping. This book is 168 pages long.
Secrets of the Ica Stones and Nazca Lines - Swift The Secrets of the Ica Stones by Dennis Swift
This book is both a compelling read, Indiana Jones style, and also an informative resource on evidence that men and dinosaurs co-existed. Dennis Swift is arguably the most knowledgeable living person on the Ica Stones. He builds a compelling case for their authenticity as he takes you along for his hair-raising South American adventures that cover a broad array of evidence. Learn about the astounding ancient technologies of these pre-Colombian civilizations. Genesis Park has actively worked with Dr. Swift regarding independent authentication of the Ica Stones.

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The Biotic Message The Biotic Message by Walter ReMine
This book scientifically fights evolutionists on their terms, on their issues, using their testimony, and their ground rules. It dismantles many evolutionary illusions, and offers a new creation theory of biology: Life was designed to shout that it had only ONE creator, and to resist all other explanations.
Buried Alive Buried Alive: The Startling Truth About Neanderthal Man by Jack Cuozzo
Discover the startling truth about Neanderthal Man from the original research of Jack Cuozzo. Fascinated by Neanderthal Man for over two decades, Cuozzo, an orthodontist, initiated a personal investigation that took him from the prestigious museums to the Neanderthal caves of Europe. His fast-paced adventure and his compelling research make for a book that will clutch the attention of scientists and laypersons alike.
In the Beginning was Information In the Beginning Was Information by Werner Gitt
This book discusses the origin of life from the viewpoint of information science with many illustrative and striking examples to clarify the following questions–What is the origin of information? What are the laws of nature about information? How did language and communication develop? Is artificial intelligence possible?

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Dinosaurs by Design Dinosaurs by Design by Duane Gish
A wonderfully-illustrated book on dinosaurs for young people, describing the various kinds of dinosaurs and the nature of their fossil testimony. This study also places dinosaurs in their true Biblical context in relation to creation and the flood. Young readers will enjoy this easy read and dinosaur-lovers of all ages will appreciate the wonderful pictures. This creationist classic remains perennially popular because of the need to educate people of the truth about dinosaurs.
The Modern Creation Trilogy The Modern Creation Trilogy by Henry Morris & John Morris
The definitive work on the study of origins from a creationist perspective. The Modern Creation Trilogy examines evidences for both evolution and special creation. This three-volume set is a must-have for those who believe the Bible is God’s plain-spoken Word. It is available only as an attractive gift-box, set and includes a CD containing the entire text of the three books. The father/son team of authors lay out the historical creationist position. Volume I focuses upon what the Bible says about origins. Volume II studies the scientific evidences for evolution and creation. And Volume III sheds light on the fruits of each world-view.

Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum

Fossils, Facts, & Fantasies Fossils, Facts, & Fantasies by Joe Taylor
A homespun personal account from the director and curator of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum in Crosbyton, Texas. Joe Taylor is one of the world’s foremost experts on fossil excavation and casting. This book provides accounts of some of Taylor’s most interesting fossil digs at various locations around the country as well as his work on some high-profile fossils from around the world. 80 Pages of full color, containing over 300 photos

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Champ Champ-Beyond the Legend by Joseph Zarzynski
Thousands of people, dating all the way back to the Abenaqi Indians, claim to have seen this “monster” in Lake Champlain. This very deep lake lies on the border of New York and Vermont and is accessed by sea through the St. Lawrence Seaway. Zarzynski’s book is considered to be the definitive work on “Champ”. His book includes a chronological table of all the sightings of the beast. Good photos and illustrations.
Searching for Ropens and Finding God by Jonathan Whitcomb
Research in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea offers an amazing modern day adventure. Whitcomb lets the reader dive into what may become the most unsettling scientific discovery since Copernicus and Galileo: living pterosaurs of the modern world! Why has the official discovery of an extraordinary animal been delayed for so long? Perhaps the blinders of evolutionary theory are hindering the advance of such a discovery. Explore the evidence for yourself, especially eyewitnesses interviews of those who have seen living pterosaurs, commonly called “pterodactyls.”
In Search of Ogopogo by Arlene Gaal
Numerous eye witnesses, going back to the time of the original pioneers, claim to have seen the monster of Lake Okanagan. Gaal investigates the mystery of this monster, Ogopogo. The native legend of this illusive lake monster was passed on to the first white settlers in the north west. Since that time sightings and explorations of the sacred Ogopogo have continued only to produce more questions. Arlene analyzes photos, videos and eye-witness accounts to distinguish the real sightings and facts from pranksters and hoaxers.
Cadborosaurus: Survivor of the Deep by Paul LeBlond
This book contains a very useful collection of carefully documented sightings of Caddy, the monster that haunts the Puget Sound region, especially around Vancouver British Columbia. Leblond concludes that there is a long skinny reptile living in these freezing waters, with feet on the very end of its body. Learn about the petroglyphs carved in stones by the ancient Indians as well as the juvenile captured in the belly of a whale. The evidence is strong that something quite like a sea serpent is still alive in the oceans today.

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Forbidden Archaeology book Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo, Richard L. Thompson
Over the past two centuries archeologists and anthropologists have ignored, forgotten, and suppressed vast quantities of evidence showing that human beings like ourselves have existed on this planet for tens of millions of years. Forbidden Archeology documents a systematic process of “knowledge filtration” and constitutes a serious challenge to the Darwinian theory of evolution.
Darwin's Black Box Darwin’s Black Box : The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution by Michael Behe
This technical book does a top notch job of explaining one of the most vexing problems in biology: the origin of the complexity that permeates all of life. Behe, a professor in biochemistry who is not a Biblical creationist, comes to the conclusion that at a biochemical level, the scientific evidence clearly points to intelligent design.
Darwin's Doubt cover Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design by Stephen Meyer
Meyer outlines well the vexing problem for evolutionists that lies at the very bottom of the fossil record. The lowest life forms do not appear in a simplistic fashion, but rather in an array of fully formed, strikingly complex designs. The fossil pattern fits intelligent design and is a significant problem for the hypothesis of gradual evolutionary development. Moreover, modern genetic research would lead a reasonable person to expect that no significant evolutionary novelties could develop within those geological timeframes.

Great Dinosaur Mystery The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible by Paul Taylor
This book contains all the information in the famous movie, The Great Dinosaur Mystery, plus much more! Were dragons dinosaurs? Were dragon legends stories of people’s encounters with dinosaurs? Did dinosaurs go on the Ark? What happened to the dinosaurs? This colorful, large-format book is packed with exciting illustrations and information about dinosaurs and their environment.
Evidence that Demands a Verdict Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell
McDowell’s acclaimed defense of Christianity is now updated and revised, and available in one user-friendly volume! It includes the latest apologetics research, providing you with a timely defense to modern arguments against the faith. A redesigned format and thorough indexes help you find responses to specific challenges quickly. Crucial for supporting evangelical Christianity. 800 pages, hardcover from Nelson.
case for a creator The Case For a Creator by Lee Strobel
Are Christianity and science incompatible? When Lee Strobel, former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, converted to Christianity, he decided to investigate the atheistic scientific assumptions he had once accepted as truth. As Strobel interviews a variety of scientists on everything from debunking evolutionary icons to the implications of the Big Bang to the existence of the human soul, he builds his case: scientific evidence points toward Intelligent Design.

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A Living Dinosaur - Mackal A Living Dinosaur? In Search of Mokele-Mbembe by Roy Mackal
Reports of possible living dinosaurs in the Congo fired Dr. Mackal’s imagination and, together with the results of his research, provoked him to lead two expeditions to look for the Mokele-mbembe. This book describes those exciting expeditions into the Likouala region of the Congo, the results of which, the author feels, indicate that large unknown animals may await discovery. Dr. Mackal also includes much previously unpublished data about other possible living dinosaurs. Hardcover, 360 pp., illustrated.