Genesis Park Material

  GP Logo T-Shirt3Mokele-mbembe Hunt T Shirt Pic COMING SOON – Genesis Park Apparel Ultra Cotton T-Shirts, 6 colors, available in a wide variety of youth and adult styles. The front has the Genesis Park logo and tagline. The back has the website address. Enjoy comfortable attire and help spread the word about our great Creator! The right two T-shirts feature the Mokele-mbembe artwork of Bill Rebsamen.
 GP logo tie - BlackGP Black CapGenesis Park Cap Make a fashion statement with a stylish Genesis Park silk necktie. Or sport a bold Genesis Park logo ball cap, in black or white. You’ll be pointing people to our popular creationist dinosaur website at the same time as initiating some interesting conversations about origins, cryptozoology, and dinosaurs!

Martin Davey Material

"Dinosaur Mum Out Shopping With Son" This picture, entitled “Dinosaur Mum Out Shopping With Son,” is a delightful and whimsical piece of original artwork by Martin Davey. It is available from Fine Art America in various prints (acrylic, standard, canvas, and even greeting cards) and comes in a number of sizes.

Creation Today Material

Pterosaur Fossil Genuine Dinosaur Bone & Replicas
Fossil replicas (like the pterosaur shown to the left) are beautiful pieces of art. In addition, Creation Today acquired a limited number of actual fossilized dinosaur bones. Now you, too, can own a piece of a real dinosaur! Mounted on an information card that details how fossils are formed.
Creation Tie3 Creationism Ties
Choose from various ties from the creation collection: Behemoth Tie (shown) – Creator Tie – Dinosaurs Tie – Grand Canyon Tie – In The Beginning Tie – Planets Tie. Make a statement in fashion while making people think about the evidence for our magnificent Creator!

Creation Research Society Material

crsq-image CRS Quarterly
Published continuously since 1964, the CRSQ is the oldest peer-reviewed creation journal. It features scholarly articles representing the major scientific disciplines and fresh perspectives on science and society as impacted by the origins debate. Membership in the Creation Research Society gives special discounts on media items at the society website, access to the archive of CRSQ articles, the Creation Matters Newsletter and the CRS discussion forum.
creation-research-society-conference CRS Annual Conference
Join the leaders in the creation community for a weekend of informative sessions, special events, and discussion forums where you can learn firsthand about leading-edge research and hot topics in the origins debate. The Creation Research Society varies the venue of their conference from year to year and it has become a popular annual get-away as well as an opportunity for networking and education.

Answers in Genesis Material

Allosaurus AIG Allosasaurus Replica
The bus-sized predator Allosaurus stood over sixteen feet tall and weighing over one ton. It is thought that this top-tier predator would hunt together in groups, making it easier to take down their prey. Living into its twenties, Allosaurus was an intelligent and fierce carnivore. AIG’s Creation Museum now houses a world-class allosaur skeleton!
Answers Magazine
This creation-based worldview magazine from Answers in Genesis is packed with content and stunning photographs. The authors are committed to present creation and worldview articles along with relevant cultural topics in each quarterly issue. Special features include detachable charts, a pullout children’s magazine, a unique animal highlight, and excellent layman and semi-technical articles. The purpose is to equip readers with practical answers so they can confidently communicate the gospel and biblical authority with accuracy.

Creation Ministries International Material

Creation Magazine
Keep your family informed on the latest easy-to-understand evidences for creation and against evolution! This unique full-color family magazine gives God the glory, refutes evolution, and gives you the answers to defend your faith. Exciting articles and great witnessing material you won’t find anywhere else! Includes a beautifully illustrated full-color children’s section in every issue. Powerful ammunition to intelligently discuss nature, history, science, the Bible, and related subjects. Delivered to your home every three months!
Journal of Creation
You’ll enjoy creation science in-depth! A great complement to Creation magazine! Read the latest in creation research, stay up-to-date on creation/evolution controversies, and find out the latest flaws in evolutionary arguments! This journal offers analytical and inclusive comments in well-referenced articles that will keep you powerfully informed on many topics. A one-year subscription includes three issues, delivered to your home every four months.

Dinosaur Replicas

Safari Dimorphodon Carnegie Museum Dinosaur Models
A popular line of dinosaur collectibles. Not merely toys, but an educational series of replicas that reveal details of the dinosaurian world. All of the figures were researched and authenticated by the experts at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The same high-quality replicas offered by the finest museum gift shops.
Spinosaurus by Papo Papo Museum Dinosaur Figures
The world’s premier line of dinosaur figurines. Their exquisite detailing is seen on this 6 inch, very realistic Spinosaurus. They also feature articulating jaws on many of their pieces, showing off those very sharp teeth. Each piece is meticulously hand painted. Papo is a bit more expensive, but sure to please the dinosaur lovers!

Noah’s Ark Replicas

GP Ark Model Noah’s Ark Scale Model
Den’s Model Ships, located in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, has been handcrafting models for many years. One of their more popular lines is the variety of carefully scaled Noah’s Ark replicas. Sizes range from several feet to more petite arks for small display locations. The front shows the completed Ark ready to disembark, while the back displays the vessel still under construction, revealing its interior ramps, cages, etc. The custom-built Ark to the left was designed for Genesis Park, including a windsail and a dark “gopher wood” look, all built to 1/96 scale.
Noah's Ark Diorama Diorama Setting of Noah’s Ark
Painstakingly built to exactly match the biblical dimensions, these Noah’s Arks are set in a realistic environment with scale trees, stones, and tiny animals coming two-by-two. Each plank is visible and every detail given in the Bible is carefully modeled (even the door opens & closes). The back view provides visibility into the interior of the Ark, displaying its frame and internal architecture. Made from thousands of parts and utilizing quality hardwoods, these Arks beautifully present the magnitude of the Noah’s vessel and bring to life this dramatic Old Testament story.