The New England Creation Summit

The weekend of September 6-8, 2024 Genesis Park staff will be running the program for an apologetics Family Camp in the mountains of northern NH. Here are some of the things we have planned:


  • Presentation 1 “Giants!” – Dino Dave
  • Presentation 2 “The Truth about Aliens” – Paul Veit
  • Presentation 3 “The Early Earth: Eden or Ape-men?” – Dino Dave
  • Presentation 4 “Dinosaurs & Fossils” – Paul Veit
  • Presentation 5 “The Fiery Flying Serpent” – Dino Dave
  • Special Story times for the little ones
  • Q&A Panel Discussion
  • Optional Sunday Worship


  • Pterodactyl Tube Tug Time
  • Brachiosaurus Big Ball Volleyball Match
  • Camp Game Room, Basketball, 9 Square, Tetherball, and more.


  • Family Hike up Rattlesnake Mountain
  • Family Lake time at Stinson Lake
  • Relaxation & Fellowship time at the camp enjoying the camp amenities
  • Songs & Skits
  • Bonfire with S’mores


  • Conference Only: $100/person, $300/family of four, and $25 per addl. child
  • Tenting/RV Park: $150/person, $325/family of four, and $25 per addl. child
  • Dorm/Bunk Room: $180/person, $375/family of four, and $25 per addl. child
  • Cottage/Small House: $425/family of four, and $25 per addl. child

For more information on what accommodations are available, visit the White Mountain Camps website.

Regardless whether you travel up for the day’s activities, stay in a hotel in town, or utilize the camp’s accommodations, your conference enrollment includes all the sessions, meals, games and family activities.

Call the camp office at 603-786-9504 to reserve your spot today!

Or register online here.

Here is a pdf brochure with more details…