Trace Fossils & Eggs – Part 2

Recall from our discussion last month that a trace fossil is preserved remains of biological activity that were not part of the original animal’s body. These include footprints, tracks, burrows, borings, gastroliths (stones swallowed to help with digestion) and fossilized fecal matter. Last month we focused upon two unique characteristics of fossil trackways that give evidence of the Genesis Flood: tracks all going in a certain direction (see photo above) and the evidence that they were made as water currents were lifting the dinosaurs up. This time we’ll discuss another interesting observation regarding dinosaur footprints. Dr. Marcus Ross has documented numerous cases where the first (lowest) evidence of a particular dinosaur species is the fossilized tracks. Then in the higher rock layers one finds the actual fossilized bones of the dinosaur. In the old earth evolutionary scenario, this makes no sense. If there are creatures leaving tracks for millions of years, there should also be preserved bones, teeth and skeletons. Obviously, the evidence is pointing a different direction. There is very little time gap between the lower layers where the dying dinosaurs were leaving tracks and the higher sediment layers where they eventually expired and were buried. Once again, the evidence fits well with a Flood model.

Posted on June 2, 2023 by dwoetzel.