Interesting Items in the News

It has long been a puzzle how the gigantic pterosaurs (like Quetzalcoatlus) could stay aloft. A new study has discovered that the hollowed out areas inside the pterosaur’s bones was filled with air sacs, just like birds. There appear to have been connections to the lungs via tiny tubes so that the sacs inside the bone could remain inflated. Moreover, these air sacs would have increased lung efficiency by acting as a bellows (like those on a bagpipe), allowing the lungs to maintain consistent air pressure, unlike human lungs that inflate and deflate. We still have much to learn about these winged wonders, but what we do know should cause us to marvel at their incredible design!

Rothchild's WoodlizardThree new species of lizard have been discovered in the woods of Peru and Ecuador. Called woodlizards, these spiky, colorful reptiles were described recently in the journal ZooKeys. Just over a foot in length, the cute, iguana-like lizards demonstrate yet again that it is a big world that still holds some intriguing surprises for us. Click here to learn more about some fascinating Dinosaur-like Reptiles.

Recently Added to the Park

Since its inception in 1999, the Genesis Park website has contained a “store.” In the early days, this was meant to round out the “virtual park” look. To date, we have never actually sold anything at our website directly. But we are excited to announce that by partnering with Pathway Distribution, we will now begin to actually process orders for some merchandise. Three different DVD packages are currently available.

A completely new section has been added to our cryptozoology evidence, entitled the Theropod Enclosure It discusses two possible living T. rex creatures and our 2015 expedition that investigated them.

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Upcoming Events

Creation Investigation Promo - Low ResOur Upcoming Expeditions page has been updated to reflect the initiatives planned for the next few years. We are optimistic of an exciting discovery in the near future! The DinoDave website features Dave Woetzel’s speaking schedule and an overview of “The Creation Investigation.”

Visitor Feedback

A couple of recent comments from visitors to Genesis Park:

        • Jon writes: “You people are a burden on society.  By using your completely false ‘history’ to continue your hateful, religious cause you are hugely responsible for the dumbing down of America.  Quit your brainwashing and lies.”
        • “Good evening Dave!   I really enjoyed your speech at the university of Wyoming!  I have already read your book and signed up for your newsletter, and am reading some essays on the website. I just wanted to tell you I appreciate your ministry and believe you are planting seeds in people who are in need!” – Chad

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