Interesting Items in the News

Rediscovered Frog SpeciesIn the news recently has been the rediscovery of a species of frog long thought to be extinct. The frog (as shown to the right) was collected by a British naturalist in 1870 and housed at the British Natural History Museum in London. But then it was not seen again until the recent discovery of a large population living in the topical rain forests of northeastern India. This wonderful find just communicates anew the fact that the world is a big place and there are lots of new discoveries still to be made!

Recently researchers published the story of an amazingly well-preserved Chinese fossil. (Xing, Bell, et al., “Abdominal Contents from Two Large Early Cretaceous Compsognathids (Dinosauria: Theropoda) Demonstate Feeding on Confuciusornithids and Dromaeosaurids,” PLoS ONE 7(8), 2012.) The clarity of the small theropod dinosaur Sinocalliopteryx gigas allowed the researchers to be able to make out its intact stomach contents! Three birds that were partially digested were so plainly visible that the researchers were even able to make out the species of the bird: Confuciusornis sanctus. This indicates that birds did not evolve as the descendants of these same dinosaurs!  To learn more about the problems with the Dinosaur to Bird theories, visit our page “Dinosaurs Evolved into Birds?

Recently Added to the Park

Equus giganteus2The articles section of the website now includes a recently published metaphorical piece entitled “A Parable of Design.” Our Larger Organisms in the Past page was recently expanded. Among the new additions is the horse-evolution busting facts on the fossil horse Equus giganteus, a monstrous zebra-like creature.

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Upcoming Events

Creation Investigation Promo flyer - low resOur Upcoming Expeditions page has been updated to reflect the initiatives planned for the next few years. We are optimistic of an exciting discovery in the near future! The DinoDave website features Dave Woetzel’s speaking schedule and an overview of “The Creation Investigation.”

Visitor Feedback

A couple of recent comments from visitors to Genesis Park:

        • Sonia sent this note: “Where is Genesis Park located? I’ve spent awhile searching on the website, and I guess I am just overlooking that information, but I just can’t find it.” [We responded, “Genesis Park is a virtual organization. We hope to someday capture one of the living dinosaurians to prove that their existence. Then maybe we’ll have a real facility showcasing the creature. Till then, it is web-based only.”]
        • Eric wrote us with the following report: “In 1969, our father took us (the kids, I was 14 at the time) on a safari in Kenya. Driving from Amboseli to Tsavo national park, I witness the flight of 2 Kongamatos over our car that I recognized at that time of being Pterodactyls. Stunned, I could not believe my eyes and kept silent afraid to be laughed at. 40 years later, in a discussion with my brother he raised the subject telling that he had witnessed the same thing. I just wanted to bring you a eye witness testimony on that matter.”

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