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Creataceous Starling Hongshanornis longcrestaEvolutionists have suggested that those enjoying a chicken meal at KFC are actually eating evolved dinosaurs. But birds, according to a study released February 4, 2014, supposedly existed 60 million years before Tyrannosaurus!  “Luis Chiappe is lead investigator of the research team on the ancient bird study; curator and director of the Dinosaur Institute at the Natural History Museum; and adjunct professor at USC Dornsife… A team of paleontologists affiliated with USC [University of Southern California] Dornsife and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has determined that birds were capable of modern flight patterns much earlier than previously suspected — at least 60 million years before T. rex stalked the land.” Quoting from the article again, “The flying style is far closer to that found in modern birds than what was supposed of ancient flyers — which have been thought to rely more on gliding due to a lack of enough muscle mass in flying appendages to achieve flapping bursts… It was pretty much a Cretaceous starling with a larger tail like a mockingbird” (Perkins, Robert, “When Dinosaurs Flew,” USCDornsife, February 4, 2014). In a separate news story, scientists have discovered what they are calling the oldest bird tracks in Australia. The fossilized footprints are in limestone dated by evolutionists to 105 million years ago. This would place them alongside the very dinosaurs that supposedly evolved into birds. For more on the problems with that theory, see Dinos Evolved Into Birds.

In February of 2014 a family of wild beavers were observed in England. Though once common throughout the country, they were hunted so heavily in the 16th century for their fur, medicinal value and meat that they were presumed extinct. The fact that a breeding population survived undetected for 500 years lends credence to the fact that large reptiles might still survive in remote regions of the earth.

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An old 1948 report of a Mokele-Mbembe sighting has come to light. The encounter with two of the monsters took place on Lake Barombi Mbo in western Cameroon. Additional facts and an eye witness drawing can be seen on the Monster of Cameroon page. We have added a couple of new Mosasaur pictures to our web page featuring depictions of the swimming great reptiles. A new page giving a bit more detail on The Nile Mosaic of Palestrina has been added to the dinosaur depictions area of the website.

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Our Upcoming Expeditions page has been updated to reflect the initiatives planned for the next few years. We are optimistic of an exciting discovery in the near future! Stay tuned as a new DinoDave website will soon be active, featuring Dave Woetzel’s speaking schedule and other upcoming initiatives.

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A couple of recent comments from visitors to Genesis Park:

        • Steve from OH wrote: “I love this site! thank you so much for also posting quotes and sources in your work. I street preach and will regularly send people to this site. Thank you for helping me make the point that we need to trust the Bible’s infallible word before hiding in man’s fantasy called evolution!”
        • Cindy writes, “Where are you located?  We are planning a trip west and considered visiting your museum.” Unfortunately Genesis Park is only a virtual presence at this time.

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