Interesting Items in the News

The April 26, 2017 Science Daily reported, “After being headless for almost a century, a dinosaur skeleton that had become a tourist attraction in Dinosaur Provincial Park was finally reconnected to its head.” The head was originally collected in 1920 by George Sternberg. In those days, it was not uncommon to merely take the exciting parts of a skeleton that was weathering out of the rock, parts like claws or a skull. Researchers at the University of Alberta suspected that skull in their collection belonged to the headless Corythosaurus. Careful measurements confirmed their intuition and the skull has now been reconnected to its skeleton.

Dinosaur fossilized soft tissue is quite rare. Normally soft tissue is quick to degenerate, while bones preserve much better. But a small brown pebble that a fossil hunter in Sussex England discovered almost 10 years ago was recently confirmed as the first example of preserved brain tissue from a dinosaur. Sussex was already famous because the original iguanodont teeth were discovered in the area by Gideon Mantell in 1822. The brain fossil, most likely from a species closely related to Iguanodon, displays distinct similarities to the brains of modern-day crocodiles and birds. A new study of T-rex skin tissue shows that it was covered with scales and did not sport feathers. This is good news for all those who think that Leviathan was a Tyrannosaurus.

Recently Added to the Park

Genesis Park recently updated the page on the Sea Monster of Santa Cruz. The photographs are all new and much larger. We have also revised the website featuring Larger Organisms in the Past.

Based on a recent trip to southern Argentina and Antarctica and research regarding the history of the Tierra del Fuego region, we’ve add a new article entitled Darwin, Gardiner & the Fuegians.

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Upcoming Events

Creation Investigation Promo flyer - low resOur Upcoming Expeditions page has been updated to reflect the initiatives planned for the next few years. We are optimistic of an exciting discovery in the near future! The DinoDave website features Dave Woetzel’s speaking schedule and an overview of “The Creation Investigation.”

Visitor Feedback

A couple of recent comments from visitors to Genesis Park:

        • Dennis commented, “I believe the material presented is a very valuable lesson for adults and young people alike. Because as a fellow dinosaur and ancient history researcher there is no other way to get a correct perspective of the history of this world outside of the Bible.”
        • Tom writes “This page is absolute garbage.  I cannot believe the irresponsibility of you and other creationists in trying to perpetuate the idea of creation at all, especially this idea that human beings lived alongside non-avian dinosaurs.  …please take this site down.  It’s irresponsible and incorrect.  Kids read this stuff, and they believe things.  Don’t fill their heads with garbage like this.  They deserve better, as our whole planet does.  …Religion is a waste of your life and your brain.”

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