Job 41 presents a ferocious creature for our consideration, the Leviathan. The Biblical description is lacking in general characteristics that would help us identify what kind of animal this is. But there are enough details given that a number of possible candidates have been put forward by creationists: a dinosaur (perhaps Parasaurolophus or T rex that lived in the water), the swimming Mosasaurus, and a serpentine sea dragon (see Isaiah 27:1). In the Fall 2023 edition of CRSQ Thomas and Biddle suggest that the Leviathan might be the super-sized, super-ferocious ancient crocodilian Deinosuchus. This crocodile sported extra holes on its snout (next to its nostrils), leading to unique, specialized chambers. Could those chambers have housed a fire-producing organ, and were these holes the ‘nostrils’ out of which ‘smoke goes’ (Job 41:20)?” Crocodilians can make the deep “boil” (verse 31a) by vibrating their chest and producing bubbling jets of water up their torso. The crocodile’s scutes seem to fit the language of verses 15-17. The Deinosuchus certainly seems like a good candidate for this fierce monster. But maybe we have yet to discover the remains of a Leviathan. It could be that a future fossil find will be an even better fit to the Biblical description. But amid all the interesting speculation, let’s not forget God’s point: “None is so fierce that dare stir him up: who then is able to stand before me?” (Job 41:10).

Posted on November 1, 2023 by dwoetzel.