Don’t Sweat It!

Sweat glands are one of those bodily systems that we prefer not to think about too much. Nobody wants to smell like sweat or have their face dripping in public. But our bodies have a very tight tolerance for internal temperature. Only a few degrees above normal can be lethal! Sweat glands play a very important part in keeping our temperature consistent. Humans have a very high density of sweat glands in the skin, as much as 200 glands/square cm in regions like the face. These sweat glands require a complex support system. First, the specifically designed secretion cells must exist, along with the complex network of blood vessels to supply food and oxygen and carry away waste. Secondly, the ducts that move the sweat to the pores on the skin surface must be in place. Next there must be a complex network of nerves controlling the sweat glands. When body sensors detect high temperatures, they stimulate the brain to activate the sweat glands. When the temperature returns to normal, the sweat glands must be turned off (like a thermostat in your house). How could this complex system evolve when all of these pieces needed to be present at once for it to work? Evolutionists assume that it evolved, but they do not detail the step-by-step gradual assembly. Darwin superficially discussed this in his book Origin of the Species, but no real progress has been made since then.

Posted on March 2, 2024 by dwoetzel.