Dino Dave’s Adventures in Apologetics

Dino Dave’s Adventures in Apologetics – Book 1 provides young people with hard evidence that supports Biblical authority. Lessons are woven into true adventure stories that involve Dave’s many years of field research. This makes these lessons both enjoyable and easier for children to remember. The vocabulary and simple presentation of key scientific and historical facts are readily understandable by elementary students. Each of the 12 adventures is followed by questions that help drive home the central educational points.

These stories have been effectively used by home educators, Sunday School instructors, Christian school teachers and Junior Church leaders. Packed with real-life photos, this colorful soft-cover book is also a wonderful tool for parents and grandparents to use in the home. Help prepare the children in your life for the inevitable secular onslaught.

The book is available from Genesis Park for $9.99 plus shipping through Pathway Books or click the link to the right to purchase from Amazon.


Dino Dave’s Adventures in Apologetics – Book 2 continues our mission of providing young people with the hard evidence that supports Biblical authority. This second installment of 12 adventure stories follows up on our popular Book 1 and includes all fresh material. Chapters include The Cryptid Champ, The Complicated Cell, Fossil Fuels, Lava Layers, The Midnight Moon, The Bombardier Beetle, The Murray Monster and The Texas Tracsk. Take a peak inside!

Each topic is personally researched by the author, Dave Woetzel, and each story is accompanied by rich, real-life graphics. Geared especially towards elementary children, this soft-cover book will be an effective follow-up to the important, worldview lessons presented in the first book. However, each story stands alone and does not require prior chapters.

The book is available from Genesis Park for $9.99 plus shipping through Pathway Books or click the link to the right to purchase from Amazon.



“I can’t even begin to explain how excellent this curriculum is for my homeschooling children. It is perfect for a wide age range. It is beautifully illustrated. It sparks curiosity as it inspires my children to look deeply into God’s Word. This curriculum builds up their faith and gives them a biblical perspective of science and teaches them to think outside the box.”

Sarah Janisse Brown
Founder of The Thinking Tree
Creator of Dyslexia Games
Homeschooling Mom

“Your kids will not want to miss out on this adventure! Dino Dave masterfully leads us on a journey pointing out God’s handiwork from the smallest of organisms to the greatest of natural wonders. On every page, he demonstrates that the Bible is wonderful and infallible. This book would be a blessing for your family worship time. However, I’m not sure who will love this book more: the kids or the parents.”

Ben Lamphere
Pastor for Family Ministries
Trinity Baptist Church
Concord, NH

“Dino Dave’s Adventures in Apologetics is fresh and up-to-date. It presents some of the best modern apologetics in a captivating way that I think will help make these creationist arguments more accessible to children.”

Dr. John Morris
President Emeritus of the Institute for Creation Research

“David Woetzel (Dino Dave) has done an amazing job explaining the scientific discoveries and examining the fossil record and then communicating this in such a way for a child to understand. This book can be enjoyed by children and parents alike while providing the tools to give a defense for the reason for the hope that a child has in their belief in a loving Creator God and in their Savior Jesus Christ. These stories will captivate the mind and imagination with TRUTH. I highly recommend this book to be a part of every Christian family’s library.”

Mark D. Lester
Board Chair
Child Evangelism Fellowship of NH

“The elementary age children at our church were fascinated by these apologetic lessons! Dino Dave does a wonderful job of choosing captivating topics and providing answers to difficult questions. Repeatedly, your child will be directed back to the one source of truth, the Bible, through these lessons. A Biblical worldview is an imperative foundation for a child, and the ability to decipher truth is essential to a Christ follower. These lessons will put our Creator’s amazing design on display, capture the intrigue of a child, provide truth and strengthen faith!”

Cheryl Bagwell
Director of Children’s Ministries
Calvary Baptist Church
Simpsonville, SC

“Dino Dave gives children an engaging story of his travels around the world to learn about dinosaurs, fossils, and Noah’s Flood. Reading his adventures will help children understand evidence that the Bible is true. Children will also enjoy learning about dinosaurs, as well as other huge creatures that once lived. Most importantly, his adventures will teach children more about God and His creation.”

Dr. Kevin Anderson
Creation Research Society

“I read this book in our homeschool with my 7 and 11-year-old sons. It was a wonderful book to read and discuss together. The short chapters made it easy to include in our day, and the colorful pictures were fun, informative, and engaging. The depth of information and vocabulary was also suitable for this younger age group…. After using this product in our home, I think it would be a powerful addition to early apologetics training for young elementary-age students either in the home or in a classroom. It provides a colorful and engaging starting point in apologetics. This book can be used alone or added to another Bible or apologetics curriculum. It would also work well alongside an elementary science program or as part of a family Bible study time in families with primarily younger children.”

Sarah Roth
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine