5 Q’s for Evolutionists

The Genesis Park website is primarily focused on the evidence that men and dinosaurs co-existed. But this necessarily raises questions involving the origins debate (creation vs evolution). It should come as no surprise that an organization with Genesis in its name stands up unapologetically for a biblical model of origins. Admittedly, the creation model involves many things that must be taken on faith (the existence of God, His ex-nihilo creation of the space/mass/time continuum, and His forming biological kinds from earth and water). But such is the nature of historical science. One cannot observe a singularity like the Big Bang, the spontaneous generation of life from non-living material, or the evolution of a completely new kind of creature either. If they were true, all of these matters would involve events that happened in the far distant past or happen so slowly that we haven’t been observing long enough to see it. Ultimately such theories  involve a belief that is more akin to faith than to hard empirical knowledge. The real question is: which origins model best fits with what we do see today (things like the vast complexity in the simplest cells, the actual data regarding genetic mutations, the big picture of the preserved fossils, and the known scientific laws)?

To better propound the argument that the naturalistic evolutionary model of origins is a position of faith, the Genesis Park team produced a small pamphlet that asks five questions of evolutionists. The first link below takes you to a web page where you can easily read “The 5 Q’s for Evolutionists.” The second link offers a download of the pamphlet in pdf form. The last two links go into a bit more detail on these 5 questions. They involve a debate in which a defender of naturalistic evolution attacks each of the main points of the pamphlet and then Dino Dave responds in defense.