Classification of Reptilia

Based upon Zoological Record Volume 138 (with modifications after Benton, J., Vertebrate Paleontology, 2015, pp. 438-441.)

Dinosaurs are classified as reptiles. A reptile is a cold-blooded, scaly, four-legged animal that lays eggs on land. Two formal orders: Saurischia (or lizard-hip) and Ornithischia (or bird-hip) encompass the creatures that have traditionally been called dinosaurs. Typically discussed alongside them as part of the great Age of Reptiles are the order Pterosauria (flying reptiles) and the orders Plesiosauria (great swimming reptiles). All of the animals that are highlighted in Genesis Park fit into the reptilian classification shown below.

Class Reptilia

Infraclass Diapsida
  	Order PareiasauromorphaTurtle
        Order Younginiformes
        Order Testudines (turtles)
  	  		Family Chelydridae (Snapping Turtles)
  	  	  	Family Emydidae (Pond Turtles/Box and Water Turtles)
  	  	  	Family Testudinidae (Tortoises)
  			Family Dermatemydidae (River Turtles)
  	  	  	Family Kinosternidae (Mud and Musk Turtles)
  	  	  	Family Carettochelyidae (Pig-nose Turtles)
  	  	  	Family Trionychidae (Softshell Turtles)
  			Family Cheloniidae (Sea Turtles)
  	  	  	Family Dermochelyidae (Leatherback Turtles)
  			Family Pelomedusidae (Afro-American Sideneck Turtles)
  	  	  	Family Chelidae (Austro-American Sideneck Turtles) 

Infraclass LepidosauromorphaElasmosaurus Transparent GIF
        Order Ichthyosauria (Dolphin-like marine reptiles)
        Order Thalattosauria (Large lizard-like marine reptiles)
        Order Placodontia (Marine reptiles-some with hard plates resembling turtles)
        Order Eosauropterygia
                Suborder Pachypleurosauria (Small, lizard-like aquatic reptiles)
                Suborder Nothosauria (Huge marine reptiles with a medium neck)
        Order Plesiosauria
                Suborder Plesiosauroidea (Huge marine reptiles with a long neck)
                Suborder Pliosauroidae (Huge marine reptiles with a short neck)

  	Order Rhynchocephalia
  	  	  	Family Sphenodontidae (Tuataras)

	Order Squamata ("scaled reptiles")
		Suborder Sauria (lizards)
		 	Family Agamidae (Agama Lizards)
			Family Chamaeleonidae (Chameleons)Tuatara Transparent
			Family Iguanidae (Iguanas and Spinytail Iguanas)
			Family Corytophanidae (Casquehead Lizards)
			Family Crotaphytidae (Collared and Leopard Lizards)
			Family Hoplocercidae (Wood Lizards including the Dwarf Iguana)
			Family Opluridae (Madagascar Iguanids)
			Family Phrynosomatidae (Earless, Spiny, Tree, Side-blotched and Horned Lizards)Komodo Dragon Transparent GIF
			Family Polychrotidae (Anoles)
			Family Tropiduridae (Neotropical Ground Lizards)
  			Family Gekkonidae (Geckoes)
	  	  	Family Eublepharidae (Eyelid Geckoes)
  	  		Family Pygopodidae (Legless Lizards)
  	  		Family Dibamidae (Blind Lizards)
			Family Cordylidae (Spinytail Lizards)
  	  		Family Gerrhosauridae (Plated Lizards)
  	  		Family Gymnophthalmidae (Spectacled Lizards)
	  	  	Family Teiidae (Whiptails and Tegus)
  		  	Family Lacertidae (Wall Lizards)
  	  		Family Scincidae (Skinks)
	  	  	Family Xantusiidae (Night Lizards)
			Family Anguidae (Glass Lizards and Alligator Lizards; Lateral Fold Lizards)
	  	  	Family Anniellidae (American Legless lizards)
  		  	Family Xenosauridae (Knob-scaled Lizards)
			Family Helodermatidae (Gila Monsters)
  	  		Family Lanthanotidae (Earless Monitor lizards)King Cobra Transparent GIF
	  	  	Family Varanidae (Monitor Lizards)
			Family Mosasauridae (Mosasaur - huge marine lizard)
                Suborder Amphisbaennia
                        Family Amphisbaenidae (Worm Lizards)
                        Family Trogonophidae (Short head Worm Lizards)
                        Family Bipedidae (Two-legged Worm Lizards)

		Suborder Serpentes (snakes)
			Family Anomalepidae (Dawn Blind Snakes)
	  	  	Family Typhlopidae (Blind Snakes)
  		  	Family Leptotyphlopidae/Glauconiidae (Slender Blind Snakes)
		  	Family Aniliidae/Ilysiidae (Pipe Snakes)
		  	Family Anomochilidae (Dwarf Pipe Snakes)
		  	Family Boidae (Boas and Pythons)
		  	Family Bolyeridae (Round Island Boas)
		  	Family Cylindrophiidae (Asian Pipe Snakes)
		  	Family Loxocemidae (Mexican Burrowing Pythons)
		  	Family Tropidophiidae (Woodsnakes, Round Island "Boas")Croco Transparent GIF
		  	Family Uropeltidae (Short-tail Snakes)
		  	Family Xenopeltidae (Sunbeam Snakes)
		  	Family Acrochordidae (File Snakes)
		  	Family Atractaspididae (Mole Vipers)
		  	Family Colubridae (Colubrids)
		  	Family Elapidae (Cobras, Kraits, Coral Snakes)
		  	Family Hydrophiidae (Sea Snakes)
		  	Family Viperidae (Vipers and Pit Vipers)
Infraclass Archosauromorpha
	Order Rhynchosauria (Stocky, herbivorous beaked reptiles)
        Order Protosauria (Amphibian-like reptiles)
        Order Phytosauria (Narrow-snouted, armored crocodilian)
        Order Crocodylia
		Suborder Protosuchidae (Ancient agile crocodilian)Transparent Pterodactyl
		Suborder Thalattosuchia (Ancient marine crocodilian)
		Suborder Metasuchia (Ancient huge crocodilian)
		Suborder Eusuchia
			Family Crocodylidae (Modern Crocodiles)
			Family Gavialidae (Modern Gharials and False Gharials)
			Family Alligatoridae (Modern Alligators and Caimans)

        Order Pterosauria
                Suborder Rhamphorhynchoidea (Long-tailed pterosaurs)
                Suborder Pterodactyloidea (Short-tailed pterosaurs with a headcrest)

Superorder Dinosauria
        Transparent ZuniceratopsOrder Saurischia (“Lizard-hipped” dinosaurs)
		Suborder Theropoda (Bipedal, mostly carnivorous dinosaurs)
		Suborder Sauropodomorpha (Long-necked herbivorous dinosaurs)
        Order Ornithischia (“Bird-hipped” dinosaurs)
		Infraorder Ornithopoda (Bipedal dinosaurs like the hadrosaurs and iguanodon)
		Infraorder Stegosauria (Huge, plated dinosaurs)
		Infraorder Ankylosauria (Squat dinosaurs with club tails)
		Infraorder Ceratopsia (Includes Triceratops)
                Infraorder Pachycephalosauria (thick-skulled bipedal dinosaurs)