The Jerusalem Dragon Well

Warren's ShaftThe Old Testament seers prophesied against a number of ancient cities. On multiple occasions, the destroyed and abandoned cities were condemned to become the lair of dragons (see Isaiah 34:13 and Jeremiah 51:37). The prophet Jeremiah actually made the prediction that Israel would be carried away into captivity and Jerusalem would be broken down and inhabited by dragons (9:11). It seems this came true sometime before Nehemiah came from Babylon to visit the ruined city and rebuild the Jerusalem walls. By then there was a peculiar name give to a well in Nehemiah 2:13 (all verses quoted are from the KJV), the “dragon well”. Perhaps the debris near that well was the den of some reptile who had moved in. After killing or chasing off the dragon, the people could again use it and that well was thereafter remembered as the “dragon well.” Tradition informs us this well is Warren’s Shaft (pictured above). Genesis Park features other possible Dinosaurians in the Bible.

Posted on August 2, 2018 by dwoetzel.

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