The Theropod Enclosure


The word theropod means “beast foot.” In the classification of dinosaurs, theropoda includes those bipedal, upright walking dinosaurs like the multi-ton carnivores that are so popular, as well as smaller carnivores, herbivores like Alxasaurus and even some beaked dinosaurs like the oviraptorosaurs. It is thought that their puny front legs had a limited range of motion. Many evolutionists believe that certain theropod dinosaurs evolved into birds. It would be a curious state indeed to confirm the existence of living theropod dinosaurs, virtually unchanged from the fossil record! Therapods ranged in size from the mighty Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus to the petite Compsognatus and crow-sized microraptor. But each was a marvel of biological design, glorifying their incredible Creator. A couple of possible living theropods include: