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A new species of Abelisaurid dinosaur has come to light in the Sahara. This bipedal dinosaur had a fierce, bulldog-like face. Perhaps it also had prominent horns. Abelisaurids have been known for some time (from discoveries in Europe and Argentina. They had stocky hind limbs, like a T Rex, and small forelimbs. Reported in the 2022 Journal of the Royal Society, Belal Salem, an Ohio University graduate student and first author of the study, says in a statement. “How all these huge predators managed to coexist remains a mystery, though it’s probably related to their having eaten different things, their having adapted to hunt different prey.” As creationists, we would say God built a tremendous amount of genetic variation into dinosaur species (much like todays dog breeds). There were much fewer actual dinosaur kinds. As local populations drifted apart, the different varieties seldom were in direct competition.

Recently Added to the Park

Dino Dave’s Adventures in Apologetics – Book 2 is now available for pre-order. Check in out in the Genesis Park Bookstore. This new book continues our mission of providing young people with the hard evidence that supports Biblical authority. It includes all fresh material. Chapters include the Cryptid Champ, the Complicated Cell, Fossil Fuels, and Lava Layers. Each topic is personally researched by the author, Dave Woetzel, and each story is accompanied by rich, real-life graphics. Geared especially towards elementary children, this soft-cover book will be an effective follow-up to the important, worldview lessons presented in the first book.

Genesis Park recently added pictures of a Mokele-mbembe carving made in the Congo. Check out this fascinating indigenous artwork that helps us to understand what this long-necked, long-tailed animal African cryptid looks like on our page The Mokele-mbembe of the Congo. There is a new essay called “The Bat’s Tale at Carlsbad Caverns.” It presents exciting original research by Genesis Park staff, showing that cave formations can happen rapidly.

Upcoming Events

Our Upcoming Expeditions page has been updated to reflect the initiatives planned for the next few years. We are optimistic of an exciting discovery in the near future! The DinoDave website features Dave Woetzel’s speaking schedule and an overview of “The Creation Investigation.”

Visitor Feedback

A couple of recent comments from visitors to Genesis Park:

        • Ashley writes: “I’ve always LOVED the idea that dinosaurs were still alive. And have held to the belief that they are still alive…. I appreciate websites like this where I don’t have to translate the evolution out of it.”
        • “Just discovered this website and really love reading everything here.” – From Indonesia

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